I mostly teach now, so I have scaled back on crafting. However, I do occasionally make jewelry and other crafts. I've sold my products in a number of places and will list them on Etsy. I no longer take custom orders. 

Scroll down to see upcoming events or classes. 


Classes + Teachings with Mystical Mandrake Root 

At this time there are four classes I offer regularly, I teach them both in NYC and in New Orleans. If you would like to inquire about booking me for your space or event please do so via the Contact Me page. I would love to teach in more cities! If you have an event or collaboration in mind, do reach out. 

Emotional Wellness: Navaigting your Astrological Moon Sign 

Crystal Wire Wrapping Workshop 

Magic Herbs: What they are and How to use them 

Ritual + Divination for Self Empowerment  

I also teach monthly moon circles in NYC as well, for both the New and Full Moon. 

The best way to stay up to date for these classed is via my link tree link on Instagram. You can find me at: @mysticalmandrakeroot 


I am honored to join many other powerful woman in this live and interactive exhibit in 2020. More info via the link below. I will announce more on my role soon. 






















If you would like to support my work and upcoming projects please do so by Patreon.

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