Mystical Mandrake Root was born from many seeds and has since grown into a luscious tree with many branches. Aside from teaching and guiding clients through various tools I have also collaborated with some amazing brands and spaces.



Most recent collaborations and offerings:

Contributor to Many Moons 2020 


Moon Circle Leader at Flower Power Herbs + Roots in NYC 

Guest on numerous podcast including: Tarot for the Wild Soul, So You Want be a Witch, Living Open and more. 

Featured in the Wild Woman Healers Documentary 

Collaborator and designer for the House of Intuition 2018 Happy Birthday Box

Reader at GIRLBOSS RALLY 2018 

I've worked at: 

Minka BK 

Cult Party BK


Earth Arts Center BK


Rosalies Apothecary in New Orleans LA 

Reader at Employees Only in NYC

Maha Rose BK 

Tarot Society 

And more...

Mystical Mandrake Root offers:



Past life Guidance 


Ancestor Guidance 

Intuitive guidance sessons 

Family patterns Astrology 






Moon Circles 


Astrology events 

Writing + Creative projects

Crystal Healing Classes

Bone & Stone Readings


Basic Herbal Magic 


Writing  & Poetry 

My Astrology teachers: 

I've learned from many amazing teachers casually and as a student. Here are just a few of the ones I've studied with: 

Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis 

Anne Ortelee

Rebecca Gordan Astrology 

Leslie Maat



Mystical Mandrake Root is dedicated to the brightest star in the universe. I love you Mom. 

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