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In the beginning of this journey I used to post a Crystal a Day, via my Instagram account. I jokingly refer to myself as a Crystal Whisperer, as I really do feel attuned to them and love to share their magic with the world. At this time I can no longer post once a day, however once I can post I will add the stone to this page. The descriptions below are intuitively written by me (using memory, personal experience and knowledge accumulated from crystal books), most of the photographs are also taken by me. See something you don't agree with? Trust your intuition and use the stones accordingly. Enjoy! 

More posts coming soon! 

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May 30, 2014

Jet is a highly protective, psychic and cleansing stone. It has a long history of association with magic and work with the elements. Worn as a pendant, it is one of the most powerful amulets one could wear. When exploring past lives, this stone is a great protector and...

May 29, 2014

Snakeskin Agate is a powerhouse stone that brings energy, transformation, vitatlity and increased awareness. This stone also brings old emotions to the surface so we can release them for good. It helps us realize shifts are needed for personal growth. Snakeskin agate a...

May 27, 2014

For any crystal lover, no matter the level, there are certain stones I believe area must haves. How much you use them is not of much importance. The fact is these babies do come in handy for anything from chakra balancing to energy healing. That is why I refer to them...

May 27, 2014

Amethyst is a major healing stone. One of what I consider the power house stones which every beginner and beyond should have in their collection. It is a stone of a very gentle and calming nature, one that helps us release addictions, heal and connect to our intuitive...

May 25, 2014

Larimar is a powerful and rare healing stone. It has very strong connections to Goddess energy, Atlantis and the sea. It promotes self exceptance, patience, communication and creativity. 


Chakra: Throat 

Zodiac: Leo

Planet: Mercury, Moon

Element: Fire, Water